A snippet of what’s to come

My name is Amelia. I’ve decided to study BCM because I have a fascination towards the power social media and consumer perspective have over society. Marketing is a key tool in persuading individuals’ thoughts, emotions and beliefs. By coinciding marketing with social media a larger impact and persuasion can be formed, therefore by studying BCM I will hopefully understand the reasoning behind this.
Now that I’ve stated my purpose I’ll let you in on a treat! A fun fact about myself, I cannot walk in heels. It’s a catastrophe to say the least. Imagine you are walking on a high beam; your body is swaying from side to side as you anxiously take each step. An uncertainty washes over you, will I, or will I not reach the other side. This is how I feel when I wear those heinous, pointed shoes.


3 thoughts on “A snippet of what’s to come

  1. I liked how in your first sentence you explained why you have chosen to study this course and how it interests you. Heels are like a ladies best friend but as they say practice makes perfect. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog posts and Good luck during this course Amelia.

  2. Thank you Maneesha and Emma. Yes heels are an art of life, and practice does make perfect, but for me the relationship between heels just never seems to work out.

    Not a problem Emma. Good luck to you too.

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