The Mediums Message is LinkedIn!

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As individuals’ we essentially control the success of technological advancements. Convergent media would not thrive if it wasn’t for the constant adaptions to our media lifestyle. Instead of the medium being purely based on content it reflects us as an individual. It is a representation towards the desires of our lifestyle. As stated in Mark Ferderman’s piece “a medium is an extension of ourselves.”  Companies play on this idea and create media platforms that target our preferences. This is where convergent media plays a critical role. We want to easily access our technology, and due to this reason companies have adapted their devices to ensure they have multiple systems that target our everyday needs. For example, it is virtually impossible to purchase a phone that only makes calls. Henry Jenkins reinforces this confronting point “The sales clerks sneered at me; they laughed at me behind my back. I was told by company after mobile company that they don’t make single-function phones anymore. Nobody wants them.” If it wasn’t for our changing preferences convergent media would remain inactive.

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Although our devices have a prominent influence in our daily routine, and are beginning to define us, they can also enrich our possibilities for a better future. LinkedIn is a prime example where the idea of the medium being a message is recognized. LinkedIn can be found on a variety of media platforms, whether; it’s social media based, or its application. LinkedIn allows its subscribers to create business profiles which are targeted to professionals on a global scale.  Each LinkedIn subscriber is provided with daily information directed towards their field, such as business deals, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and overall image in relation to their chosen path. The website is interesting because it combines both a social and professional field. You are able to remain in contact with family, or friends while being in a professional atmosphere. LinkedIn is one of the very few websites which are able to achieve this outcome, recognized in their 250 million subscribers. LinkedIn may possibly become the forefront for companies looking at candidates for future jobs. Although with this innovation comes competition. As LinkedIn becomes widely publicized companies are establishing ideas to further the LinkedIn concept. The company may find in the near future similar organizations advertising the same benefits but in a more creative and targeted style. LinkedIn will need to constantly reevaluate their business strategies to remain competitive in this ever-growing, technological environment.

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