Protection or Deception?



The term “media” has been revolutionised in the past decade. Although it is intangible, it is a powerful source that unfortunately needs to be governed; however there is a fine line between protection and deception. The media easily manipulates its audience to favour or sympathise with certain points of view. It goes beyond a credible point and often those who govern it turn a blind eye.

There is speculation that Rupert Murdoch was a corrupt regulator.  The phone hacking of major corporations, celebrities and ordinary people across the United Kingdom made society question the power and control the media is able to gain. Actor, Hugh Grant, who uncovered the hacking, stated that the tabloids “have for various reasons lived largely above the law, and unregulated for way too long…We’re talking about pretty nasty people”. These incidents are the reasons why the media needs to be regulated under a certain body. Rupert Murdoch not only lost his credibility but also seriously damaged his Newspaper “The Sun” and “News Corp”.


Rupert Murdoch owns “The Daily Telegraph” plus a large majority of the print distributors within the country apart from Fairfax, leaving the mogul to easily mislead the audience with prejudicial information such as the 2013 Federal Election, displaying Labor in a negative light.


Daily Telegraph bias - 'Kick this mob out'Source

Although the media’s goal is to entertain and inform, many distributors lack ethical and social responsibility. In the U.S.A company’s like FOX are able to distribute and distort their work to a wider market because they own various media platforms.
The quote “truth is stranger than fiction” by Mark Twain reiterates this. We grew up with the media; we learn from the media, our identity is formed through its influences, but yet the most powerful source of knowledge is able get away with so much, that is why it is essential the media is controlled by ethical and responsible regulators. We do not want to reach a point in our lives where entertainment becomes more credible than ethics.


2 thoughts on “Protection or Deception?

  1. I think you’ve got a good understanding of the current media landscape and I am on board with what you are saying Amelia. I think that perhaps you could take this idea even further and discuss what it might mean to have such a biased and unethical media landscape. What would it mean for democracy for instance?
    Other than that you might want to do a quick sweep through for editing purposes (that first sentence has a minor error for example) and employ some approved referencing and citation. Here’s a guide on how to do it if you aren’t sure.

    Lastly, if you would like that YouTube video to be playable within your actual blog post you can go to the video, click “share”, then “embed” and then copy all that code and paste it to where you want it to appear in your blog. That way people can watch the video without navigating away from your posts.

    I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I’m aware that there are a few mistakes, and I am editing it currently. I appreciate your feedback, and my tutorial teacher prefers hyper-linking rather than harvard referencing but thank you for taking the time to place the link in your comment. Also your handy comment about the YouTube video finally allowed me to place it properly on my blog!

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