I feel LinkedIn with the times



Let’s rewind back to the 1980s. It was a time where spandex and voluminous hair ruled. Technology was beginning to evolve and the innovation of the “brick phone” transformed global communication. That humble brick phone, which doubled as a ninja weapon, generated the beginning of Smart Phones today. Although the 80s has a lot to answer for, especially in terms of hideous fashion, its technological advancements have undoubtedly aided towards our converged society.


As a consumer we feel the need to actively participate in the opportunities presented to us through social media. Whether it’s surveys or competitions we have a desire to belong in this technological society. LinkedIn has empowered its target market to establish a globalised environment where individuals’ can actively customise their profiles to benefit their employment opportunities. LinkedIn is accessible through a variety of platforms including Smart Phones enabling 24/7 access, and is constantly purchasing businesses to enhance client opportunities; recently acquiring job search company “Bright” who reiterates their main “vision”.

When girls moan about being single on Valentines day! - Imgur

It is known that China’s social media is restricted due to their communist regime, reiterated in “Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies” by Janey Gordon who states “Rather than the mobile phone opening the public sphere in China and acting as liberating force…their government has restricted modern communications for their people”. However LinkedIn has infiltrated this restriction. In February the company created a personalised website for the country. This has led to a diversification in job opportunities, and providing consumers’ access to once prohibited networking.

Although it isn’t all fun and games for LinkedIn, it is vital that they follow China’s constricting content beliefs. LinkedIn Corp states “expanding into China raises difficult questions” as they are required to “censor content”. LinkedIn’s growth has empowered their clients to transform their interactions and networking with globalised communities, especially China. But the restrictive nature of the country may cause irreversible problems in the future which could lead to content and networking limitations amongst LinkedIn users.

Gordon, J 2007, ‘The Mobile Phone and the Public Sphere’, Mobile Phone Usage in Three Critical Situations, vol. 13, pp. 307-309.



3 thoughts on “I feel LinkedIn with the times

  1. The title of this blog post made me laugh and I really enjoyed the style of writing you’ve developed, as well as the use of pictures to keep readers entertained. Good blog post! Was also very informative.

  2. Really interesting to read about the way it works in another country. Do you know what changes they made to personalize it to China? Or how successful it was? I really liked this post, great to read about how it works in another culture

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