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The public sphere enables individuals to express their concerns and beliefs on issues that are relevant in today’s society. It is evident that our media is a vocal point for the general public on issues that are paramount in today’s world. The media has gone beyond the point of purely being information and entertainment, making it a leading force towards individuals having their thoughts and experiences recognised.

A prominent topic amongst today’s society is gay marriage and the implications it entails. As a civilisation we cannot seem to make an educated decision on the matter, and the media is taking advantage of our concerns, thus “Modern Family”. The comedy based sit-com revolves around three completely different families that blur the lines between classic and contemporary. The particular family that has caused outrage is Mitchell and Cameron, two loving gays who adopted a young Vietnamese girl. For some this is far from average. Bryan Fischer declares the show as “Poison” due to its portrayal of a gay home being a loving and stable environment. Fischer states it is “designed to make you think that same-sex households are wonderful” , reiterating this preconceived notion. Although Modern Family is a successful show, we as a society are still unable to accept gay marriage.



Only three months ago two gay, black fathers posted a picture on Instagram which caused a global outrage. The two fathers (depicted below) posted an image brushing their daughters’ hair with a small caption which stated their typical day. The photo is harmless, but it did inflict on individuals generalised beliefs. The problem is we are uneducated and cannot comprehend the modern society unfolding. This is reiterated in MusedMag which states “Are we that sheltered from black gay couples that the general public doesn’t think they exist? But, can you blame them? There is hardly an image of “gay” love that features people of colour.”



If we as individuals are going to overcome our preconceptions of gay marriage the public sphere needs to create more awareness amongst our current society.


3 thoughts on “The modern spin-off

  1. You make an interesting point about the ethnic diversity of gay couples within the show, but isn’t this lack of diversity also present within the rest of the shows characters? Yes Gloria and Manny are of latin descent and Lilly as you said is Vietnamese, but if you are going to touch on the racial stereotyping it must be observed that this text is not restricted to the stereotyping of gay couples; but the entire cast. I agree with what you are saying and it’s great that the show is seemingly trying to raise debate within the public sphere about what a modern family looks like, but I believe it is far too trivialised to actually continue to raise issues after the original spectacle of a gay couple with a kid and a old rich guy with a hot young foreign girl, wears off.

    Great work though! 😀

  2. This a great post, Amelia!

    I myself am a huge fan of modern family, and like anyone LOVE Mitch and Cam. I however, disagree with the statement made by Bryan Fischer, as Mitch, Cam and Lily face daily problems and challenges, they clearly do not have a perfect life. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping a same-sex couple and their family from having loving stable homes- I mean, don’t you think that a loving same-sex couple is better than a mother and father who hate each other?
    And what about single parents, or parents that get re-married, if having gay parents is poisonous, is it not arguable that having divorced parents is too. So really, if we can get divorced at the drop of a hat, we should be able to marry a person of the same gender as us, don’t you think?

    While I think that yes, Modern Family is a very comical program, I feel like if we can have same sex couple on mainstream television, we must be getting closer to the complete acceptance of homosexuals in society. I agree that the issues presented in this program, while delivered in a comical manner, are in fact important: the show simply acts as a starting point for raising awareness of the issues.

    This blog post was very interesting and well written, I really enjoyed reading it!

  3. Yeah I agree with you Marlee to a certain point. There are times that the show does present overly conceived stereotypes, such as Gloria and her past in “Columbia” but in saying that this is a show purely based on entertainment, and to a certain point Gloria and Jay are kind of a joke. So as you stated it is very trivialised. Although it does unable society to become aware of the family structure changing, it is also purely a fictional show.

    Thank you! I totally agree with you, Bryan Fischer’s comment was beyond ridiculous. At the end of the day it is a show purely based for entertainment purposes. Although I am also a fan of the show we need to step back for a second and determine the difference between “reality” and “entertainment” which Fischer obviously can’t get his head around. His comment was overly prejudice and based on pure opinion not fact. Modern Family is a great starting point to help society become accustom to the changing family structure but to base every gay couple on Mitch and Cam is just a preconceived, uneducated notion.

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