Media vs. Brand


resized_business-cat-meme-generator-make-game-from-a-movie-from-a-comic-transmedia-67f071Source (Credit Horsehead Network)

Transmedia focuses on a collaborative environment that establishes a narrative story through media platforms which is often created by groups. It is a fundamental element towards the distribution of media platforms like television shows and movies. It aids towards mediums like YouTube in supplying outlets, but such advancements do not avoid restrictions. YouTube is renowned for destroying anything that interferes with their licensing.

t_8f405648fd584a1ebf7fef84bf373221Source (Credit GifBoom)

LinkedIn is essentially a brand. It doesn’t present an unrealistic fairy tale or a creative animate. Its purpose is to sell their clients. Transmedia isn’t a critical source for the company, although it does create a story through each subscriber, it lacks an interconnection that forms a global narrative. As Henry Jenkins states, “transmedia stories are based not on individual characters or specific plots but rather complex fictional worlds which can sustain multiple interrelated characters and their stories.”

LinkedIn-Meme-Top-1-Percent-MarketingSource (Cred Jeff Zelaya)

LinkedIn isn’t fictional, it is fact, designed to connect professionals on a global scale. In saying that, there are aspects of transmedia that work on a single basis in LinkedIn. Jenkins states that transmedia “has so far worked…in independent projects where the same artist shapes the story.” Due to the fact the platform is a combination of independent users it enables a collaboration of experts to connect and exchange information known as “collective intelligence”. Although LinkedIn subscribers are not working together as a team, their knowledge and expertise are presented to like-minded people to ensure reliable connections, including the “influencers”. Jenkins reiterates “Levy argues that art in an age of collective intelligence functions as a cultural attractor, drawing together like-minded individuals to form new knowledge communities.”

Overall transmedia is an essential concept towards the media industry in terms of creative stories. This is virtually impossible for LinkedIn because the company stands as a brand with an objective that revolves around forming a professional community on a global basis. Transmedia may be a useful concept for LinkedIn in the future, but it currently stands as a minor role in the company.



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