‘Haters gonna hate’ as they say.

devilSource (Credit Phil Banko)

The cyber-world enables us to establish another persona separate from reality. But there’s a hidden clause, you have to sign your soul to the devil, but who are these infamous devils, the internet trolls, of course.

The internet was designed to inform but now the power of the web is beyond control, and it’s becoming a breeding ground for discriminatory, sexual, racist and violent comments towards cultures, religions and individuals, showing no mercy.

There are two types of people in this world; males and females, but whether in reality or the cyber-world there is a clear distinction between rights and acceptance. Women have a right to voice their opinions but even in today’s society we are being punished for our ideas and views. Karalee Evans recognises, “The horrid abuse towards women who have an opinion and dare to share it online, is a scary indicator of the health of our society.”

Source (Credit TIME)

We’ve become a civilisation where we can hide behind a screen, change our identity and blatantly abuse who ever we please, basing it on preconceptions and the fact that we can without restrictions.

Any vulnerable group can be exposed to this intolerance, but females are often the targeted majority, regardless of if they are a prominent figure or a citizen. Pew Research Centre conducted an analysis in 2005 based on internet users. It acknowledged that “women and men have been logging on in equal numbers since 2000, but the vilest communications are still disproportionately lobbed at women.”

But the cyber-world is now infiltrating reality, Vanessa Thorpe states, “the threat of sexual violence is an attack in itself, and some commentators have their Facebook pages searched, and their home addresses tracked. It’s a real feeling of being hunted by these people.” This cyber oppression has continued for far too long, it is time that social media networks take a stand for all those vulnerable and monitor their systems to ensure this form of discrimination and sexualisation isn’t suffered by anyone.



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