Just another intro for y’all


Here’s another stereotypical introduction for you all. I’ll try to make it as riveting as I can but I’m sure you already have a general gist of what I’m about to say, especially in terms of my career. Well I study a double degree of Journalism/BCM with marketing being my major. I particularly chose this degree because it combines creativity while constantly pushing and looking beyond boundaries… Which brings me to this idea of the ‘media space’. Wow, when I think about the media space I am often overwhelmed but compelled by the diversity of the field. The media transcends various platforms and has established an influential and pivotal role in our day-to-day lives.


I for one spend much of my time entering this virtual world and escaping the reality that surrounds me. The media space has blurred the lines between reality and the virtual world. You can create multiple persona’s, identities and form bonds with strangers across the globe through a simple click of the mouse. It’s quite mind blowing when you think about it, just how powerful the media has become. Shipping, which I must admit I was a large part of, especially back in my tween days, team Finchel!!!!!! (Glee) is an element of the media which has been personally created through technological advancements enabling fans of television, film, music, books, etc to contact and form bonds with one another through media sites like Tumblr, often creating an entire world separate from the original media form and can frequently move beyond it known as fanfiction, which I believe transcends all boundaries and is an element of the media space I will continue to explore throughout the course.


One thought on “Just another intro for y’all

  1. I’m really interested in knowing more about the spatial element of shipping, as its a media practice that we tend to think of exclusively in terms of content, rather than the spaces of creators in a community linked together by making. Marketing agencies on the other hand spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to imagine and connect to consumers where they are, and this crosses over with how consumers understand where they are, and imagine where other consumers are located, similarly or differently. Useful.

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