What makes me unique? What makes me different from any other blog you’ve stumbled across? Heart? Dedication? Love? Experience? All of the above? No, one word, a simple, but yet powerful term – truth. Everything I write about is honest, it’s integral and I back it 100%. Everything you read on here will and has been well-researched, presented and edited to ensure what I produce as an aspiring journalist is authentic.

My names Amelia Murphy, I grew up in a small town, in a simple region with the basics, but I dream big. I study a double degree in Communications/Media with Marketing and Advertising being my major supplemented with a degree in Journalism. If you haven’t gotten the gist already I’m quite obsessed with New York, and fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to visit the infamous city. It is essentially my theme because it reminds me of what I’m working towards, the goal of being a fashion journalist or advert designer within the city that never sleeps is my dream… As I said I dream big!


Fashion is a passion of my mine and yes I deliberately rhymed that, but it’s true! Remember truth is my signature motto. I can spend hours aimlessly roaming my wardrobe and putting together new pieces for the current season. Every time I go shopping I always keep in mind what outfits I could create from each purchase. Retro fashion defines me, in particular the 50S, 60s, 70s and 80s. The past is the reason behind the fashion of today so how could I not respect and love what has come from it.

I love creativity, I thrive off it and it’s something I try to incorporate into my assignments. I see creativity in everything and is one of the reasons why I study Marketing and Advertising. I want to design adverts that change people, that redefine a brand, product or world in general. I want to be able to influence people’s perspectives in positive ways, I think if you have the ability to do that you are truly making a difference in the world. This can be applied to journalism as well in every aspect. Essentially I want to influence the world through words, images and of course fashion! and this is the space where it all starts. This is the beginning of my journey and when I look back at this archive sitting in my 22nd floor apartment in Manhattan I will remember this moment in time – the beginning.


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